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No-one cares more about the future of your E-Commerce business than we do…

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For the Entrepreneurs

We help you realise an exit for your FBA, FBM, Vendor, Shopify or Etsy business

Led by Amazonians

Our co-CEOs held senior positions at Amazon

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We will always take the time to listen and ask questions

We Want To Hear Your Story

We are genuinely interested to hear about the e-commerce journey you have been on

Scythia Brands

We’re passionate about entrepreneurs. We’re passionate about E-Commerce & Amazon

We're seasoned professionals who can elevate and accelerate your brand with care. We obsess over both Sellers, Vendors and we obsess over customers.
Explore why you should choose to sell your Amazon, Shopify or Etsy business to Scythia.

Who are Scythia?

At our heart, we're operators and entrepreneurs

Our co-CEOs held senior positions at Amazon: Alex, a serial entrepreneur, was involved in Amazon Marketplace where he was a Senior Product Manager; Chris ran multiple businesses across Retail (1P) and the 3rd party platform (3P / Marketplace). Between them they have over 40 years of e-commerce, entrepreneurship and retail leadership.

Our Team
Scythia Value Different Things

We understand and value your time and effort

You have invested time and effort creating your business and growing it to this level. We believe in doing the right thing by people and businesses. We listen carefully to your journey and work with you to create a bespoke solution to acquiring your brand and enabling your business to reach it's maximum potential.

Our Brands
One Size Doesn't Fit All

Let's work out what's right for you

We get energised by listening to the journey our entrepreneur sellers have been on. We don't believe that a straight payment and exit is always the best for you, your brand or your future.

We will always take the time to listen and ask questions to ensure we understand what is right for your business. We are still fast; we move at your speed.

What's in a Name?

sɪθiːə (sai·thee·uh)

Scythia was a part of Central Eurasia and was given its name by the ancient Greeks. The people were nomadic and it is believed that Amazon warriors lived in Scythia.

We're not nomadic, nor are we warriors, but we have explored Amazon from the inside and the outside ~as sellers and an Amazon agency founder~ so we can help plot the best future for your brand.

Cumulative investment experience in Private Equity
Our investment team have deployed over their careers (USD $)
Our Investment Experience

Demonstrable track record of building platforms

We want to hear your story

We are genuinely interested to hear about the journey you have been on with your business. We work with Amazon sellers to develop the optimum path to ensure the best way to sell your Amazon business.

Know what you want already?

Ready for a straightforward sale? Sure! let's value your business.

How about: an exciting payout now, even more post-growth?

Did you know we can buy your business now and pay you even more after we're accelerated your brand?

Confused by the jargon?

Clarity is close at hand. We'll help you to tell your "earn-outs" from your "stability payments" and everything in between.

Don’t know if you or your business is ready to sell yet?

More complex situation? Too Early? Just Curious? Let's find out together.

We would love to hear about your adventure on Amazon

You've come this far, it wasn't always easy and we know you've done a great job. Perhaps you definitely want to sell your business, maybe you're just thinking about it.

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